Food Safety

The quality and safety of our products is one of the most important pillar stones of PRIMOVEGETAL.

Our main goal is the production of top quality products with the guaranty that the raw materials are the best.

Each product that PRIMOVEGETAL transforms is submitted to a series of meticulous quality control exams. Starting with the selection of suppliers and ending in the internal analytic control. In which both raw materials and final product are examined.

PRIMOVEGETAL is under the control of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which does a systematic approach in every step of the process. Beginning in the reception and going all the way until it reaches the client distribution. That allows the control and evaluation of dangers and therefore helps to determine preventive measures to adopt to ensure the safety of the products.

We are also submitted to regular audits made by external entities and to the continuous training of our associates, in order to control and secure the food quality.

Nowadays the guaranty of safety and quality food are fundamental requirements to ensure the TRUST and CONSUMERS SATISFACTION.

Seguran├ža Alimentar